Hi, I'm Jakub Jacek!

A man with no name, but with his feet on the ground.

I run online advertising campaigns that sell. I design, test, implement and optimize. Everything based on data and clear results. Agency efficiency, freelance precision.

What can I do for you?

For years with a hot heart, cold head and an Excel table on my forehead I'm walking through the world of marketing, design, music and photography. Click below and see what I can do for you. Maybe this will be the beginning of a great cooperation?
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Facebook Ads

I run effective Facebook Ads campaigns from a to z – from marketing strategy, through the configuration of ads, to optimizations ending with factual and accessible reporting of results. This ensures that my Facebook campaigns are as cost-effective and effective as possible for my client in a planned and data-based manner.

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Instagram Ads

I create effective advertising campaigns on Instagram and Instagram Stories – both as part of facebook campaigns and autonomously – tailored to the resolution of all devices using the application and prepared especially for the specificity of the recipients of this medium.

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TikTok Ads

I run advertising campaigns on TikTok and design marketing strategies based on trends in line with the unwritten rules of the platform. I care for the consistency of the message and adapt it to the client’s individual target audience ensuring maximum effectiveness of the campaign.

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Spotify Ads

I design, prepare, and run effective audiovisual advertising campaigns on Spotify. From script preparation (through professional recording and editing) to the marketing campaign implementation and reporting its results.

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Graphic Design

I design websites and online stores, CD and book covers, posters, icons, and advertising materials for social media campaigns. In my projects, I put emphasis on simplicity and functionality supported by scientific research and usability tests, so that the design not only looks nice but can effectively fulfill its task as a product.

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I conduct copywriting audits, improve website content, and write texts that help to increase your revenue. From product/category descriptions and blog articles to effective email campaigns, e-books, and books. Can’t believe it? Take a look at the section below and see what those I already helped have to say.

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Email Marketing

I design, plan, and run effective email marketing campaigns. I help you choose the right mass shipping platform, simultaneously caring about the GDPR information obligation compliance and the content of messages sent in accordance with the applicable rules of netiquette.

They recommend me

I recommend cooperation with Jakub to everyone who wants to take care of their Facebook Ads Campaigns in a professional way. Jakub is active, creative and resourceful and he has the knowledge to maximize the potential of Facebook’s Advertising System. I also appreciate the reliability of reporting on the results of actions taken and the flexibility in planning further promotions.

Wojciech Wawrzak
founder & legal counsel @ praKreacja.legal

Jakub is a great specialist for Ads in the Meta advertising ecosystem. Not only he helped us deal with errors in our Facebook ad campaigns, but he also consulted on our client’s sales funnel strategy and was happy to provide advice even after the audit was complete. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who doesn’t know why their campaigns aren’t working!

Paweł Moczulski
founder @ simpliteca.com

Jakub was my last resort when my Instagram account was stolen. He helped me much faster than even he promised. He recovered the account completely – along with the content and comments. He acts very professionally and comprehensively – because he secured my account afterwards and gave further guidance. He is task and result oriented – I am very grateful for his support, help and knowledge.

Julia Izmalkowa
founder @ Izmałkowa - research agency specialising in the psychology of lying

I highly recommend jakubjacek.pro!
Jakub is a professional. He helped us to set up accounts for several of our subordinate brands, thanks to which we have even more opportunities to promote them in Social Media. His knowledge is impressive. We are planning further meetings with Jakub, this time connected with advertising campaigns.

Karolina Kłak
Marketing Specialist @ Agentools

Do you have the feeling that you are totally, utterly unfit to run advertising campaigns and will never learn? I had the same feeling until I came to Kuba: I had no idea that he could explain all aspects of making ads in such an accessible way! From a total layman’s level I jumped to the level of running a campaign on my own after only a few meetings – Jakub explains even the most complicated and specific things in a very clear way, showing everything, and if necessary, you can ask him 3 times about the same thing and he will still be very patient and calmly explain everything until you “get it”! A recommendation of 5 is not enough 😉

Sylwia Koladyńska
Social Media Specialist @ They.pl Digital Marketing Agency

I’ve been in contact with Jakub for the past few weeks now and he has helped me understand better ways how to improve and manager my advertising budget. Would totally recommend him to anyone willing to learn more about FA Advertising.

Clayton Galdes
Marketing Executive @ Bortex Clothing Industry Co. Ltd

When I decided to professionalize my activities as an Internet Creator, I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn’t know how to do it. Fortunately, Jacob knew. Where my competences ended, his started. He took over most of the technical matters, so I could focus on the merit. This kind of backstop gives an extraordinary sense of comfort, extremely important for an influencer.

Marcin Perfuński
influencer @ supertata.tv

A real professional. Very efficient contact and assistance beyond the standard service.

Michał Kędziora
bloger @ MrVintage.pl

Thank you jakubjacek.pro for merging out Facebook Pages to Poland In Your Pocket. The cooperation was sooth. Would highly recommend.

Monika Boguszewska-Stopka
sales & Marketing Specialist @ Poland In Your Pocket

A professional for special tasks! Helpful and problem-oriented. Obligatory and adheres to the deadline. High level of cooperation. Recommended!

Danuta Baranowska
Marketing Manager @ Hitachi Capital Polska Sp. z o.o.

Professional and modest – very good combination. The cooperation went smoothly and without any conflicts. The task was not easy, but Jakub managed it perfectly!

Maciej Mazurek
CEO @ Bukebuk | bloger @ ZUCH media

I recommend it. Fast, efficient and trouble-free cooperation.

Monika Kamińska
CEO & Founder @ Monika Kamińska

Jakub is an expert and specialist in many fields related to the general Internet marketing, but not only. Working with him, I was constantly impressed by his commitment and positive approach – to his work, but also to other colleagues. Jakub is one of those people that I definitely may (and want to) recommend to everyone.

Krzysiek Poręba
graphic designer @ digitalk

If you think your knowledge of social media is enough to communicate with a potential customer, then I have a bad message – it is not!
I tested this on myself and promised myself I would never come back to it again. If not Jakub’s help, my project would fall apart!

I’ve entrusted Jakub with the implementation of an advertising campaign for an important artistic event at a time when it theoretically had no right to go live. And thanks to Jakub it all worked! And that is excellent. I am drawing conclusions for the future and I’m going to trust the specialist again for the next realizations.

Anna Bona
CEO @ Tutti Entertainment

A great Facebook specialist who knows all the secrets of this advertising platform.

Jan Favre
Optimisation Executive @ IG

I had the pleasure of working with Jakub at digitalk. I learned a lot from him – not only in the area of advertising, but also in the area of customer relations and implementation of technological innovations on websites. He’s a specialist in his field, focused on achieving goals. He may boost your ads in every industry.

Łukasz Miszczak
CEO @ AdTime

Jakub is a turbo-jack of everything that has to do with social media, advertising and technology. We have worked together for 1.5 years on many large projects. He will easily carry out a Facebook campaign for both large and small businesses, analyse the website or conduct communication in Social Media. A great specialist with enourmous experience!

Joanna Piecyk
blogerka @ polszeptem.pl

Jakub is the best specialist I could find. He is always able to fix any error on your website and he understands perfectly your needs. Even if I don’t exactly know what I want. I recommend Jakub’s services with all my heart!

Marta Zbrożek
blogerka @ martazbrozek.pl

Jakub is very competent and conscientious person. His knowledge of the secrets of Facebook and advertising on this portal is very impressive. Like no one else, Jakub is able to deal with the adversities that comes from using Facebook itself. Sometimes I have the that feeling if an error appears on Facebook, Jakub is the first person who found solution. He is very polite and kind person, always finding a moment to advise and help the others.

Michał Kubisz
Digital Marketing Specialist @ michalkubisz.pl

Since I’ve met JJ first time, he distinguished himself with organizational skills, creativity and attention to details, which shows his professionalism. He supported me substantively in digital campaigns, organization of events related to photography. If you are thinking about a freelancer who will take care of every aspect of your digital campaign, Professional Corporate Image, aesthetics, visual & textual side of your company’s communication, send a message to him… NOW!!! I vouch for JJ.

Mateusz Jaszak
social media campaign specialist @ Grupa Polska Press

Conscientious, honest, hardworking! This is how his work may be described in three words! Even though we have only worked together for a few months, he has been known from the best side! The vast amount of knowledge that Jakub passed me proves that he has no problems with sharing knowledge with others and team-playing either.

Marek Gwóźdź
Facebook Ads Specialist @ Paweł Domagała

I sincerely recommend the services of this gentleman. Professional approach to the customer. In my case it was really difficult but everything went well. I recommend Jakub!

Damian Cichy
CEO @ Silent Tattoo

Working with Jakub was a true pleasure due to the high level of competence in Facebook marketing.

Jakub is very goal-oriented person with perfect business attitude for both client and co-workers. Jakub has pretty good mix of hard and soft skills that makes him a great asset for every team.

PS. Special thanks to Jakub for introducing me to the Polish meme culture ?

Borys Marushchak
Digital Campaign Manager @ Philips

Jakub is a versatile and talented man. Advertising in social media? No problem. Landing page? No problem. Website issues? No problem. Who knows what other skills it hides. It is worth investing in a closer acquaintance with him, because he may certainly surprise you positively. In addition, he is contactable and brilliant, so talking to him is a pleasure.

Mateusz Pejas
New Business Manager @ digitalk

Mr Jakub Jacek designed and implemented of a website for us. He consulted with us our needs expectations and was able to come up with his own tips in topics that were not entirely known to us. In our opinion, the product was made conscientiously, on time and professionally. Moreover, Mr Jakub Jacek trained our employees in website moderation and positioning. He also supported us with formalities regarding hosting and domain.

Bartosz Brzozowski
Vicepresident @ KSON DT

I have very good memories of our cooperation. We created something really nice together 🙂 It was hard for me to get distance and look from a different perspective. Jakub cleverly “reworked” my materials and it really worked out well for everyone 😉 From “psychological gibberish” came out something “for people”. It is worth having such an advisor!

Justyna Rokicka
CEO @ Godzina dla siebie | psychotherapist

In a nutshell: If you have an idea and you’re not sure how to do it, pitch it to Jakub. There’s a good chance you’ll save a lot of nerves 😉

Kamil Nowak
blogger @ Blog Ojciec

Anyone who takes a professional approach to their tasks, and sends you your morning dose of memes to go with your coffee, is the perfect companion to work with. JJ is definitely the man for the job, I recommend.

Ewa Racławska
creator @ Psycholoszka

Jakub’s skills on how to make best use of Facebook Business Manager options are TOP CLASS. He was able to guide us safely through this labirynth. Also he showed us many ways on how to improve our website and make it more friendly to our readers.

Daniel Trawka
Creator @ nebule.pl


Digital Marketing is not a secret knowledge. It requires time, preparation and experience, but if you want, you can do certain things by yourself. Visit my blog, see how I work and let’s bite on your company’s marketing ????

What will our cooperation look like?

1. Preparation, analysis and discussion

What do you do?
You complete the brief and provide information that will allow me to get to know your business, propose an offer for appropriate action and prepare a complete cooperation offer. Remember the links to the website and your business Social Media channels, mention your prior marketing activities, as well as planned promotions. Mark your advertising budget and the results you expect.
What do I do?
At this stage I will prepare a complete offer or ask you additional questions. Each project is preceded by a thorough analysis and discussion. I want us to get to know not only our expectations and the way we work, but above all the specifics of your business. As soon as we determine what you need and how I can help you, we will go into details.

2. Offer details and further arrangements

What do you do?
At this stage you read the proposed operation plan, consult it with your team, and ask me additional questions to avoid misunderstandings and clarify any doubts. When everything is clear, you let me know if we can start our cooperation.
What do I do?
Cooperation with each of my clients is based on mutually agreed, transparent conditions. There is no room for understatement in business, so at the very beginning you will find out exactly what range of services I’ll offer, how long our cooperation will last for, what you will gain, and how much it will cost you.

3. The strategy and schedule

What do you do?
You don't need to understand everything that I am doing step-by-step.
It’s important that you know what is happening and when - after all, this is what you pay for. Therefore, after signing the contract and paying the invoice, you will receive an online schedule, which will allow you to see at what stage my activities are at any time.
What do I do?
At this point, I prepare you a schedule. This document will be agreed on and accepted by both parties and will be a "map" and a point of reference for my current and future activities in our cooperation.

4. Designing and implementation

What do you do?
You provide me with all the necessary materials to start the campaign - graphic files, catalogs, existing texts, the details of your offer, and the ideal buyer persona. After that you grant me access to advertising accounts from which I will conduct campaigns. If you don't have such materials - that's fine. I have a team to prepare them for you! This is also the perfect moment for any potential changes that you might want to implement in the ad solutions I will present you with.
What do I do?
I split the budget, design different tests, create campaigns and ad sets, set advertising goals, and prepare graphic and text creations - all based on the information, analyzes, and materials that you have provided me with so far, and also my experience that tells me what will work best. At this stage, I will also provide your IT specialists with tracking codes that should be placed on the website to control the effectiveness of my advertising activities.

5. Let's do this!

What do you do?
I don’t like to assume I am smarter than my client - after all, you know your business best and I am just here to help you take your marketing to the next level.
Therefore, rely on me in this. Now that everything is ready to go, just make yourself a good old cup of coffee (life is too short for bad coffee anyway) and wait for the results!
In the meantime, you can ask me anything (yes, even “the chicken or the egg?”), and I will do my best to find a suitable solution.
What do I do?
From now on, I take the reins of your marketing, launch campaigns in accordance with our arrangements, and do everything to exceed your expectations. You don't have to worry about anything anymore! I constantly analyze the results, plan the next steps, and optimize the campaign settings so that they generate more and more profit each month.
At the end of the month, I will send you a numerical marketing activities report with a clarification so that you fully understand why I made specific decisions and learn about further plans and new ideas for solutions.

My projects

Influencer Management

As a marketer and blogger with many years of experience, I know what it takes for both an artist and a brand. Thanks to the knowledge of both these perspectives, I efficiently advise and help online creators to develop blogs, channels and profiles, and relieve them of their duties related to business negotiations, taking care of the relationship between creator and brand.

Courses & consultations

I train both – company teams and private groups in the field of Effective Facebook Advertising and advertising analysis. I also share my practical knowledge during own courses and close workshops, as well as at open InstaMeets and science festivals.

Message me!

I’m here to help you. If you haven’t found an answer to your questions here, contact me on 696 416 074, write me an e-mail on [email protected] or use the form If you’re convinced to work with me, complete marketing brief first.

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