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TikTok Ads

I run advertising campaigns on TikTok and design marketing strategies based on trends in line with the unwritten rules of the platform. I care for the consistency of the message and adapt it to the client’s individual target audience ensuring maximum effectiveness of the campaign.

Depending on the specifics of your business, assumed advertising goals and effects, and the marketing strategy we agreed on, I offer:


I help my clients prepare advertising clips directing new viewers to client’s profiles – I create content, develop communication strategies, and prepare advertising campaigns that generate traffic to the newly-opened client’s TikTok accounts.


I create challenges marked with the client’s name, which develop brand awareness among their audience – thanks to the viewers’ involvement in the challenge and their interactions, I turn them into potential customers and future brand ambassadors.


Thanks to specially designed or internal TikTok landing pages with contact forms, I run campaigns that effectively provide contact details of people interested in your products or services. And all this with their informed consent and willingness!


I design sales funnels that target customers who have performed specific actions on your website or application. I use advanced combinations and exclusions, thanks to which recipients only receive advertisements for products and services that they have not used yet.


Thanks to a thorough analysis of the website, its traffic, strengths, and weaknesses, I present and implement steps that increase revenue in online stores. I also configure ads based on Product Catalogs and direct recipient behavior in the customer’s store.


I conduct effective communication on TikTok based on the set goals. Regardless of their nature (sales, image, or education), I make sure that your clients treat you as their best friend and will be happy to pay for what you do – they’ll want to watch, like, comment, and create joint video duets.

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