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Email Marketing

I design, plan, and run effective email marketing campaigns. I help you choose the right mass shipping platform, simultaneously caring about the GDPR information obligation compliance and the content of messages sent in accordance with the applicable rules of netiquette.


Before starting an email campaign for my clients, I take care of numerous technical matters, such as a clear and simple address in the domain related to the brand, visual design and template of messages, or the language correctness and footer signatures.


I configure email addresses in accordance with the SPF, DKIM and DMARC security standards, which protect the user against any attempts to spoof the client’s address and ensure email deliverability. Additionally, if a client requests, I enable the option of receiving and sending company emails from the Gmail level.


I implement modern email marketing automation systems, thanks to which collecting data and planning future campaigns or managing groups of recipients becomes easier. I also prepare mass mailing systems for automatic replies, sending digital gifts, or other forms of gratitude.


I initiate the integration of a customer’s email box with Google Workspace (former Google Suite), as well as Google Analytics and various website and online store forms.

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