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What can I do for you?

For years with a hot heart, cold head and an Excel table on my forehead I’m walking through the world of marketing, design, music and photography. Click below and see what I can do for you. Maybe this will be the beginning of a great cooperation?

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Facebook Ads

I run effective Facebook Ads campaigns from a to z – from marketing strategy, through the configuration of ads, to optimizations ending with factual and accessible reporting of results. This ensures that my Facebook campaigns are as cost-effective and effective as possible for my client in a planned and data-based manner.

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Instagram Ads

I create effective advertising campaigns on Instagram and Instagram Stories – both as part of facebook campaigns and autonomously – tailored to the resolution of all devices using the application and prepared especially for the specificity of the recipients of this medium.

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TikTok Ads

I run advertising campaigns on TikTok and design marketing strategies based on trends in line with the unwritten rules of the platform. I care for the consistency of the message and adapt it to the client’s individual target audience ensuring maximum effectiveness of the campaign.

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Spotify Ads

I design, prepare, and run effective audiovisual advertising campaigns on Spotify. From script preparation (through professional recording and editing) to the marketing campaign implementation and reporting its results.

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Graphic Design

I design websites and online stores, CD and book covers, posters, icons, and advertising materials for social media campaigns. In my projects, I put emphasis on simplicity and functionality supported by scientific research and usability tests, so that the design not only looks nice but can effectively fulfill its task as a product.

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I conduct copywriting audits, improve website content, and write texts that help to increase your revenue. From product/category descriptions and blog articles to effective email campaigns, e-books, and books. Can’t believe it? Take a look at the section below and see what those I already helped have to say.

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Email Marketing

I design, plan, and run effective email marketing campaigns. I help you choose the right mass shipping platform, simultaneously caring about the GDPR information obligation compliance and the content of messages sent in accordance with the applicable rules of netiquette.

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