Is Facebook down? You can check it here!

Is Facebook down? You can check it here!

In the daily work of a marketer, it may happen that his main working tool – the Facebook advertising platform – will stop working. Not because of a local error in the browser or cookies, but because of a global fault on Facebook servers.

Instead of guessing and testing whether it is the fault of the computer we are using, the browser or Facebook itself, it can be easily and quickly checked. Facebook Ads, like any self-respecting internet platform, provides its customers with a dedicated tool to check whether Facebook is working properly, or whether – as happens several times a year – it has fallen and is not getting up.

To use this solution, just have a look at the updated in real time window below or visit It provides current and historical data on the problems with the Advertising Manager and related Facebook services. However, it does not show the locations where the advertising platform is unavailable, nor is it responsible for the operation of Facebook, which we all use on a daily basis.

Current status of the Facebook Advertising Manager can be checked in the window below 👇


If you see the sign ✅ above, it means that everything is fine and there are no problems in the Advertising Manager at present.

How do I check if Facebook is down?

To check to see if “standard” Facebook works. The page shows the status of Facebook services for a given moment and allows users from different locations to leave comments on the area of the fault they are experiencing.

How do I check if Facebook works?

I hope I have managed to calm you down a little with this article. Although it is often the case that the error lies with the user, it is always worth excluding other possibilities and checking whether Facebook itself works at all.

However, if you still haven’t found a solution to your facebook problem, try Contact support or write to me. We’ll deal it! 💪

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