How we increased sales 13 times in 4 months based on Facebook Ads

How we increased sales 13 times in 4 months based on Facebook Ads

We started our cooperation with a Polish clothing company in November 2020. As our research showed, at that time the brand was not known at all, but only associated by enthusiasts as the second RISK made in Warsaw. We decided to gradually change this narrative, so that people who get to know the brand and its values, become its’ ambassadors and returning customers in the end.

By Your Side is a Polish fashion brand created by women for women. Author’s collections are sewn in Lodz and her designs are distinguished by durability, comfort and the multitude of ways to wear and arrange them. Our task was to promote online store of the brand, which has never used paid advertising campaigns before.

Kampania reklamowa dla branży odzieżowej – sklep ecommerce klienta
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Within four months of launching specific sales campaign, we achieved over 13,000% ROAS (Return On Ad Spend):

  • In the first month it was only a 32% increase compared to the previous month, however, thanks to the appropriate amount of data collected and professional implementation of Facebook Pixel on the online store’s website, we were able to optimize the campaign accordingly, which resulted in…
  • 218% increase in the following month. However, we did not stop there and started scaling the campaign. Thanks to this technique, we closed the following month with…
  • Over 240% growth, and next one with….
  • 250% increase in ROAS!

The numbers given above are month-to-month comparisons of results for consecutive campaign periods. This means that from the first to the fourth month of this campaign, we have ultimately generated more than 13x return on investment of advertising campaigns in the Meta ecosystem.

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    Results like those don’t come out of nowhere!

    They also don’t show up right away!

    An unknown brand is usually a tough nut to crack for any marketer. Lack of possibility to instantly configure part of the campaign as multichannel funnels – consisting, after all, of current customers – causes many companies to send such a client away empty handed right at the start.

    We, however, after establishing with the client a strategy based on branding campaigns and preparing a plan aimed at delivering valuable traffic to the store, took up the topic. How did it look like?

    Building brand awareness

    During the first months of this type of campaign, the advertising budget should be spent primarily on building awareness of the new brand among users who are not yet familiar with it.

    Of course, even then, the first purchases appear on the customer’s account. However it doesn’t mean that the campaign already pays for itself financially. After all, this is not its purpose at this stage. This is the time when the brand’s image is building, it’s history is communicating to future customers and competitive advantages are presenting.

    In the case of By Your Side, the main advantages that we communicated in our advertising creations was the info about the idea of the brand (dresses created by women for women) and the flagship product – the Infinity Dress (One dress. Dozens ways to tie it).

    Zalety produktu w kampanii reklamowej e-commerce

    During that time the ROAS of non-sales campaigns gradually reached about five times more than the client’s advertising budget. At that stage it was a sufficient rate of growth to maintain the brand image and reach campaigns.

    Such growth rate of ROAS gives also a clear signal to shift (or increase) the budget towards pro-sales campaigns.

    How did we get a thirteen-fold increase in sales in the apparel industry?

    The involvement of female brand consumers developed in the previous months allowed us to create custom audience groups, growing each month of the campaign.

    Thanks to this, at the start of the sales campaign we knew exactly to whom we were directing advertising messages and which micro-conversions has been fired on the store’s website by our future customers.

    By Your Side – trzynasto krotny zysk w branży odzieżowej | Facebook Ads
    Campaign results in the fourth month of operations – over 10 times return on ad spend (ROAS)!

    Having ready the “warm” (remarketing) groups ready, we were about to configure and test several types of remarketing:

    • People interacting with content promoted in social media
    • People following brand profiles on Facebook and Instagram
    • People adding products to their shopping carts
    • Visitors of the store’s homepage

    In parallel, we continued to display brand awareness campaigns promoting the newest content, thanks to which our custom groups described above could grow all the time and allow us to maintain the ads frequency indicators in the advertising materials at a profitable level.

    Due to the collected data, we were also able to prepare campaigns including Dynamic Product Ads, thanks to which we could display specific products only to those who had already expressed preliminary interest in them.

    After the first tests and focusing on two types of remarketing, the sales funnel designed in this way was a real ten hit, thanks to which we were able to provide the store with new clients month after month and – at the same time – upsell other products from the new collections to regular customers.

    As we expected, after excluding smaller remarketing groups from the campaign, the combination of static and dynamic campaigns reached the desired results.

    NOTE the monthly budget of this client. Despite the smallest possible amount from which we start cooperation with the client in terms of an advertising campaigns, it was used 100% effectively.

    With lower budgets, we would have to expect fewer results, which in addition due to increased fluctuation would be much more difficult to analyze for meaningful data, and thus also to optimize the campaign with such a budget.

    Even if you only have the mentioned minimum budget, we would be happy to help you achieve such results in your store as well!

    Check offer details!

    What’s next?

    At this point, the client is now ready to enter the return scaling phase. After initial discussions about the future of the brand’s advertising efforts, we have agreed on a significant increase in the advertising budget that will increase the amount of return (keeping the same or better ratio of ad spend to total conversion value, the client will earn more than staying with a fixed minimum budget).

    In addition, this is also the moment when we analyze the current store traffic statistics in order to plan the client’s advertising campaigns also outside the Meta advertising ecosystem. At this time we take into account the strong shopping trend on TikTok among the demographic group of our potential female customers and the low competitiveness of keywords in the Google Ads ecosystem.

    On this example of Polish e-commerce in the clothing industry, it is clear that the key to a successful marketing campaign is not only a good product or a team of professionals with experience. The results of this cooperation should be seen in the mutual trust of the client to the marketer’s strategy and mutual commitment of the parties, combined with patient and thorough analysis of the current situation.

    Without these key factors, on the one hand, the client would become discouraged with advertising campaigns that does not bring results in the first month, and on the other hand, the marketer wouldn’t be able to achieve thirteen times ROAS.

    If you are familiar with partner approach to business cooperation and would like to become one of our satisfied clients, you’re welcome to fill in the contact form.

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