How to contact the Facebook Support?

How to contact the Facebook Support?

In our guides, instructions, and discussions on marketing groups, it often happens that we have to deal with a bug (e.g. in the operation of the ad panel) or other Facebook issues that we are unable to manage ourselves. If that is the case,  it is the time to contact Facebook.

Although Facebook’s technical support does not have the best reputation in the industry (people handling issue reports very often seem to have no idea what they are talking about, which is why I often explain to them how their system is supposed to work and what happens instead), in a very hopeless case it may turn out to be useful.

Depending on the situation, Facebook Support can help us immediately or redirect our application to a team of engineers who have higher qualifications (and knowledge) than the customer support employees. So how do you contact the support?

There are many ways and forms specially designed for the problems that may occur. I have created a list of common issues and with specific links, you can find it right here. However, if your problem is not on this list, there are two ways to contact Facebook Support: Live Chat and Email.

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Should you need any assistance, I will also be happy to help you in private – just complete a form.


How to start a live chat with Facebook Business Support?

Before starting, you must remember that the chat is only available for Facebook customers. If you are not an advertiser (i.e. you do not post any advertisements), then you are not qualified as a Facebook customer, you are a regular user of the portal. Therefore, the contact option described below may not be found as it is only available as part of customer support.

To contact Facebook via live chat:

  1. Go to and select the HELP button at the top of the page menu
    Kontakt z supportem facebooka POMOC
  2. On the next page, select the HELP button again – this time in the upper right corner of the pageKontakt z supportem facebooka POMOC
  3. Click GET STARTED under the heading “Find answers or contact support”Kontakt z supportem facebooka POMOC
  4. Now, choose what your problem is about. If you don’t know, choose anything – the next step is more important because it allows you to start a conversationKontakt z supportem facebooka POMOC
  5. Now, instead of using the suggested solutions leading to pre-made instructions, you can choose to chat with a company representative at the bottom of the page.Kontakt z supportem facebooka POMOC


  • The chat may be unavailable at certain times of the day (What then? Write a message to Facebook!)
  • The chat will not always be available in your language. It is better to prepare for the conversation in English (although it may happen that you will talk to a representative that speaks your language)

How to write a message to Facebook Support?

If the Facebook chat is unavailable, the system will offer you a contact form option. Facebook calls it “sending an email”  because after completing the form and describing the problem (there is a dedicated place for it in the contact form with Facebook support), you will receive an answer to your preferred email address.

Formularz kontaktowy Facebooka

To do this, follow the instructions from the first step as if you were trying to contact Facebook via live chat, but choose “EMAIL THE HELP TEAM” instead of the chat, as in the screenshot below. Technical support is available during standard office hours.

Jak wysłać email do pomocy Facebooka

This is the most effective way to deal with errors, bugs, and other issues – both for Facebook pages and in all situations regarding errors in advertising accounts and Business Manager. Even if Facebook Support does not solve your problem immediately, you will receive information that will help you find out what is actually happening and why the system is not working as it should.

Hope this article helped you get in touch with Facebook. 

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